Stop Enfield LTNs Campaigners, Southgate Green 24th July 2021

Stop Enfield LTNs is the campaign group in London Borough of Enfield providing support and guidance to our immediate local community against the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods implemented by Enfield Council.


We are advocates of civil rights and regard equality as an attainable requirement for ALL road users. Our goal is to make sure that those who have been excluded from society with changes to our transport infrastructure are fully integrated once again.


Our local road users are a diverse mix of people from all across our wider borough. It is those who  must be considered with dignity and respect - at the early possible stages of planning and design - to mitigate detriments and reductions to their quality of life.


We seek reasonable adjustments to be made urgently for those who have been failed by those entrusted - to promote fairness and equality - but have instead sought to make radical changes to our roads - during a pandemic - without adequate regard to protect groups, local businesses and residents.


Working together with members from all across the community - we stand firmly united against Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) - and our continued commitment to remove them shall persist - until they are gone.

WHO ARE WE, what have we done for 10 months?

STOP was formed in October 2020 due to two separate local group campaigns for Fox Lane and Bowes LTNs, we knew a united campaign was needed to engage all aggrieved by either scheme, both schemes and even future schemes yet to be implemented.

Our work is all done by volunteers and we have so far:

•Challenged the council daily with hard evidence covering topics far more deep rooted than just the LTN schemes

•Tackled the myths, misinformation and unrelated/non-locally relevant information from radical groups who have imposed their own agenda upon us all

•Grown and supported a dedicated Anti LTN group from 0 to 2100+ in just over 8 months surpassing “Better Streets” in a very short time, proving we are not a minority any longer and our voices/concerns will not evaporate!

•Acquired the information needed to uphold the negligence, infringements of policies/ funding terms and the lawlessness of the schemes - Equality Act, Public Sector Equality Duty, Road Traffic Regulation Act etc – to name a few – which continues to be gathered all day, everyday

•3000+ signature ePetition

•Worked on and shared the information evidence we’ve acquired along with funding of £900 towards a legal letter from the Fox Lane campaign to Enfield Council

•Have multiple cases filed with various agencies, bodies and commissioners

•Set up the PCN patrols – in only just 5 hours with 4 volunteers, have already saved £2665

•Created the Get Involved page – helping all in the community to take action

•Launched the Community map where the council failed to transparently show the local response to the Fox Lane scheme and attempted to create the same for Bowes.

•Secured visits to the area from Shaun bailey (by request in April which resulted in a Bowes meeting) along with Farah London who visited us all twice at both LTN locations with strong interest into the detriments of the schemes

•Objection Surgeries – dedicating tie to assist those who wanted to formally object, but didn’t know how to, for an entire week in the lead up to the deadline in May 2021.

•Encourage mass completions of Let’s Talk surveys reaching more than the Council intended to reach (as there were no paid activities for them to do so) we spent on reaching the wider community – including and involving many more who were not even aware of the survey.

•And lots more still to come – but powder must be kept dry!

Join our 2000+ member group: facebook.com/groups/stopenfieldltns


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