Enfield Council wouldn't enable a community map showing markers and comments (or better known to us as the "Pin of Shame" - a phrase coined by a local resident). So instead,  we created this ourselves - a Map for you, by YOU.


1. Send an email to us with an image attached that shows the precise location where you would like us to place your comment onto the map for you

2. Feel free to include a photo as we can upload it with your comment onto the map

3. Please then include your comment within the email along with your full name

Your comment will be published on the map with your initials - it truly is that simple!



Let's Talk project pages for both Fox Lane and Bowes LTN schemes do not contain any capabilities for members of the public to view comments, input comments at specific locations nor collaborate as a community. Despite a clear example of an engagement tool with community responses displayed that was included in the TFL guidelines, LBE have opted not to do so.


We simply need from all who are aggrieved by Enfield LTNs, your clear location marked on an image/screenshot of a map, for you to send that through to us, showing your most impacted point inside or outside the LTN - so that we can then upload this for you onto the map shown above.


All markers with comments can only appear once we have uploaded them. We do the work for you and kindly request for you to follow the 3 easy steps above. Your comments should be written in the same way you provide comments into "Let's Talk Fox Lane" survey, however we as a community cannot see nor access those comments with any immediacy). This map tool we have created is the remedy!

As shown below in TfL guidance, Enfield Council have refused to do a transparent community map in this format despite already having the capabilities to do for "Let’s Talk Southgate", "Let's Talk Parklets" and "Beryl Bike Locations" - and just as they have fairly done so in Ealing already - courtesy of their council. Our responses to the LTNs are being denied from public view, this map overcomes that! Please send yours through to us  today for upload.

Where all responses to the LTN schemes could have been viewed in this format - and in real-time - Enfield Council have instead chosen not to facilitate this with any transparency and still have not published any findings from the Let's Talk surveys that the community have been entering feedback into for 8 months+!

If you have any questions or need help with this, please ask us directly without any delay.


The map is public interactive and hosted permanently on Google Maps.

Is this an active attempt to conceal the honest, lived-through experiences of our local communities by refusing to release such comments to the public?


Tell us what you think below in the comments area.