There is a wealth of evidence all around us so we want to make it easy for you to submit anything you feel could be of any value in our mission to overturn these unwanted, damaging LTNs.

Please use the form below to submit your files to us so we can archive for if/when a decision is made to make these schemes permanent along with any other actions those files could help to serve before then.

Some ideas of evidence sought to add to our existing casework:

Discrimination and exclusion under the Equality Act and Public Sector Equality Duty (Elderly, sick, disabled, maternity, ethnicity, socio economic status, sexual orientation, gender – if you’re affected please show us exactly how – with your evidence)

Pollution (quantifiable, objective data)

Medical/health changes (upheld by medical practitioners)

Traffic (dwell time in traffic, dangerous manoeuvres, effects of traffic on basic needs such as toilet, costs to trade/run a business, petrol cost increases for those with mobility impairments etc)

Pedestrian Safety (emissions, crime)

Freedom of information requests you have filed/ICO & LGO decisions

Carer/support/advocacy/charity/protected group services and any of your written communications with them

Black listed addresses for deliveries

Emergency service reports/case numbers/instances fo delays and barriers to response times

PCNs issued for those who need adjustments/support with mobility (motability cars/blue badge holders, elderly, sick, disabled without badges, their carers, relatives and friends)




If we dont have your files, the topic may not be on our radar.

Share now what you have to make sure that it is

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