Only together will we make LTN removal happen.. but that means we ALL must keep taking action however big or small, loud or silent.


Everything you do DOES make a difference and none of us will stop until LTNs are gone.

- "A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but it’s persistence."


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Sign our ePetition on

LBE website

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Bambos MP

Email our MP, CC us & your ward Cllrs

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"Healthy" Streets

Email the department responsible for your grievances

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Bad FOI responses

No remedy via LBE Internal Review? Email the ICO


Visit a GP

Seek advice and update your medical records officially

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Crime Concerns

Concerns about yours / someone else's safety

Equality and Human Rights Commission.png

Equality Complaints

File inequalities and infringements of rights

Equality Advocates.png

Equality Advocacy

Support with your protected characteristic concerns

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Inclusion Survey

For those worst affected by Enfield LTN schemes

Cllr Ian Barnes

Email Key Decision maker, Fox Lane, CC us & your ward Cllrs

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Traffic Dept

Email the team responsible for the Experimental Orders

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Complaint Handling

LBE complaint not remedied? Complete LGO's form

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IAPT Self-referral

Stress, anxiety, depression?

Don't wait, refer yourself now

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Email us and we'll advise where best to send on to

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MP Conduct

Raise your complaints about Bambos Charalambous

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Pledge Skill/Services

Help us with your expertise by letting us know you can

Community Map

Send us your comments

to place them on the map

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Cllr Nesil Caliskan

Email Nesil who appointed Cllr Barnes, CC us & your ward Cllrs

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Conduct Complaints

File complaints about Cllr's conduct using LBE's form

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No Confidence

The petition we created as LBE refused to publish ours

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Air Quality

Raise your AQ concerns with DEFRA

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Public Health

Email Public Health about the impacts of LTNs

Labour Complaints.png

Labour Complaints

Use the online form to submit your complaint/s

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FOI Filers

Help us to file more requests for Information under the FOIA