Protected Characteristics.png

Protected Characteristics are sensitive and personal. Nobody expects you to wear a t-shirt or badge and for you to be asking endlessly for special treatment.

Many who we talk from protected groups, and those living together with us, in our own households know, that when it comes to equality, little is being done in Enfield to secure even just the basic needs under lawful protections and reasonable adjustments have not been made – failing to ensure a fair and equally, inclusive society.

While we thought about whether a group webinar would be of benefit to those in our community, from all sorts of people in a variety of protected groups, we were saddened to learn of the Disability focus group held by Enfield Council - so we wanted to make sure that your best interests and dignity – are paramount. When it comes to hearing your first hand experiences we only seek to document it all anonymously for you, provide you with support/advocacy but without the upset, humiliation and any such need to be publicly sharing your sensitive personal data with a group of strangers all to no avail as its far too late for modifications to be made to either Bowes or Fox Lane LTN traffic orders.

We on the other hand want you to know that we understand the confidential nature of your own personal characteristics and invite you to complete this fully anonymous survey, whatever your Protected Characteristics are.

Protected groups should have been included at the earliest of stages -but were not. These real living, breathing humans have been an afterthought, after the radicial, divisive schemes that excludes such people (protected by law) from our neighbourhoods.

There are no right or wrong answers and even we can do better when it comes to some question that are either not yet asked, or some that you feel do not help capture the all-encompassing detriments of the Enfield LTNs. Therefore at the end of the survey we have a free text area for you include anything you wish (suggestions & anything else of relevance/importance to you).

Thank you for taking the time to complete this so that we can take further action and go further in helping real people with real lives from all across our community.