Fox Lane LTN closure points with Conway

Experimental Traffic Order TG52/1451 (Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood) effective from 7th September 2020, was modified on November 19th 2020 (which saw the bollard on Conway Road amended to planters with ANPR), this meant that the 6 month formal objection period stated within the modified Order, was extended to May 19th 2021.

Stop Enfield LTNs was able to set up dedicated surgery appointments to offer voluntary support to those in the community who were keen to object but didn't know how.

We also donated £900 to One Community for a formal objection letter that was drafted in consultation with FTB Chambers who previously won against TfL and Mayor of London.

The formal objection letter issued from One Community to London Borough of Enfield (LBE), along with some of the objections submitted to LBE from those in our local community - can be found below: