Current PCN Totals

PCN Totals as of 7th June 2021 (for May period & prior) = £2,394,730​

Have a PCN? Here's what to do

Visit London Tribunals and choose "Register of Appeals", then "Access the appellant portal". Once inside select "Statutory Registers", then beneath "Environment and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA)" select "Search".

London Tribunals Statutory Registers.png

You'll then need to enter "London Borough of Enfield" in the Enforcing Authority text field. In the PCN Location area you can enter "Meadway" for example. Enter the dates you are interested in reviewing -Bowes began on the 31st July 2020, Fox Lane (Meadway and Fox Lane ANPR cameras) on the 7th September 2020 and Conway Road from the 19th November 2020. 

Lastly, within the "Outcome" area, you can type "Appeal Allowed" so that when you search - all of those appeals allowed by the Adjudicator and upheld against Enfield Council can all be seen in an instant!

Please do make a thorough assessment of your own situation, if you are willing to take the chance of winning at Tribunal, you must be aware that your fine of £65 can double to £130 if you lose.

Punished financially by the authority for wanting our: quality of life , efficient use of time, self-protection & safety and daily living & health support


This scheme, that allegedly is there to promote a green agenda by reducing through traffic, volume and speeds, while reducing pollution for the area  - is failing to meet those intentions/reasons. 

The vast number of cars still being fined for proceeding through the ANPR cameras are proof that the people of our community, behind the wheel will continue to do so as they are "roads", intended to be used as such -


"Noun 1.

a wide way leading from one place to another, especially one with a specially prepared surface which vehicles can use."

These same roads which are being referred to by PRO LTN supporters as "not being fit for cars" is disproven in the residents who order deliveries in Vans and HGVs - which now struggle to turn around, have to reverse the entire stretch of road and are even hitting parked cars (which could be a child under the false illusion that roads are safe to be in/play in).


There are also NO signs at the entrance to any of these roads prohibiting access for HGVs - so we ask, how can cars not be well suited to these roads, but they are for HGVs or PRO LTN residents who own multiple cars and need to use those same roads to reach the boundaries - and "rat run" (as they call it) on everyone else's roads?

Can a road truly not be fit for cars when the vast majority of property owners inside the LTNs own multiple? Can these roads, realistically, be unacceptable for cars but suitable for HGVs now having to perform dangerous manoeuvres (often in reverse)? 


Forward facing travel is safer for us all and allows cars to proceed once, rather than perform high emission turns which then result in the same vehicle which would have previously travelled passed properties just the once, instead, since these barriers -passed the same front doors twice!

Real members of our community who rely on the authority "to ensure the expeditious, convenient and safe movement of vehicular and other traffic (including pedestrians)" under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, Section 122 - have all been subjected to damages without consideration for them, are deeply affected in the most negative ways:

  1. Blue badge holders - their access is fully prohibited, sitting in cars for too long causes long term injuries/further pains, make incontinence problems far worse (destroying the Human Right to dignity), with not even 1 free and accessible public toilet on the boundary roads of the LTNs. Motability cars funded by the Government are being issued fines, despite being issued to those most likely to be in shielding, unable to switch from their safest mode of transport during Covid-19. Only 20% of people with disabilities in Enfield Borough even have access to these Blue Badges. Not only is mobility for these specific type of road users affected, they are also now more likely to be home alone for longer periods, in isolation - as friends and family members reduce their visits, avoiding the area all together - especially at peak times.

  2. The sick and elderly who cannot walk nor cycle and have been made to sit needlessly in congested queues that did not exist prior to the scheme or their alternative is to remain at home - as prisoners of the LTN scheme - with nothing other than detriments to their quality of life. There are also no benches inside the LTN, so those who cannot walk far, especially unaided, have nowhere, with shelter to sit and catch their breath/rest their body from any pains they experience. There are no destinations, except for residential properties inside the LTNs that are worthwhile for anyone sick or elderly to travel to by foot/bike.

  3. People with mental disabilities (such as Depression, Stress and Anxiety disorders, ADHD, Autism) are suffering hugely on the boundary and adjoining roads further away from the LTNs. We have seen and heard from all sorts of people and their carers about how these schemes have made performing their daily tasks a living nightmare and those same people would usually rely on the "reasonable adjustments" required by Law under the Equality act and Public Sector Equality Duty, but have been failed by the Government, by TfL and Enfield Council in making reasonable adjustments for those who are fit enough to cycle (despite not being a protected characteristic) are the only road users that have benefitted from the reallocation of what was formerly shared road space - though mindful that many cyclists now avoid cycling here all together - due to the increased emissions and relentless queues of cars they encounter/ride adjacent to when needing to escape/leave the LTN to reach their final destination.

  4. Vulnerable adults/children and victims of assaults on our Enfield streets suffering with PTSD will not be encouraged outside the safety of a lockable, private vehicle - especially not in the absence of an open local police station (Southgate MPS Station closed to the public many years ago) along with the inadequate number of current Police patrols and CCTV.  

  5. Carers who have to get to those who need their help without delay, whether regular, emergency (trips/falls) or simply trying to get home after doing the work (many in the community would shy away from doing), are being directed into the relentless congestion. It is those they care for who suffer and the Carers themselves when hit with a £65-£130 fine for the work and care they provide.

  6. Prescription Delivery services and Doctors on call who now cannot do as many deliveries nor see as many patients per day as they could before. Pharmacies have been known (in our local area) to refuse medication deliveries all together as the immense pressure they are under to sustain the health of all who live here is impossible with these intentional barriers to through-routes and their efficient operations they desperately want to uphold in order to serve the community, but have no alternative option for remedy - except LTN scheme removal.

  7. Business Owners and Tradespeople who cannot proceed and are late for customers, losing revenue and incurring higher operating costs simply to sit and idle on the boundaries. Their vehicles are often custom fitted in order to carry heavy loads securely, have refrigerators on board to transport groceries, flower deliveries etc, air conditioning for animal transportation. These businesses cannot just switch, overnight or at all - to a cargo bike.

  8. Key Workers (Fire, Ambulance and Police) all trying to do their absolute best to get to work on time/home again to their families/to rest before their next shift begins.