as of 16th July 2021

Please help us to help others and avoid the £65 fine - simply for needing convenient access and expeditious movement on these former through-route roads. The same carriageways which have always been used, by motor vehicles, for many years - until now.

Each of the 3 locations: Meadway, Fox Lane & Warwick Road - have the highest number of PCNs being generated and paid to Enfield Council from these closures, all equipped with ANPR cameras ready to penalise those in our community who may just be making a genuine mistake, could be confused by various other elements such as CPZ signage adjacent to the closure points, graffiti, incredibly dark roads or truly in a personal/work related emergency. 

Now's the time to help to bring those huge PCN numbers down and to make sure the hard earned money stays firmly in the pockets of those across our local area - not into the debt ridden council's bank account.

If you can please consider sparing just 1 hour in the morning or afternoon at 8:15-9:15am or 4:30-5:30pm during weekdays we can assess how this trial of PCN patrols performs and if a success, to go beyond the current period. Slots are available to book right now, commencing on Monday 5th July up until Tuesday 31st August 2021.

To volunteer for one hour - please select the relevant location above, then let us know the date and time for the patrol cover you can provide (AM or PM), along with your full name, address and mobile number.

We will require your mobile number to send a unique code for you to verify your identity during our Patrol screening process.