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Update: Farah London

The selfless Political Figure who cares

At a time, during the pandemic when so many are stressed, with financial damages, delays to support grants, inability to discuss local issues (face-to-face) in large groups, the local community were grateful for the time given by Farah London to be heard and express concerns of their own personal experiences with these unequal, damaging and intentional pollution-inducing LTNs - implemented by yours truly, Enfield Council. To know that someone (Farah) listens and cares was more than any act of compassion, yet to be shown by those voted for locally to serve our community - but serve only themselves and small radical, socially divisive PRO LTN groups.

“Enfield is one of the most heavily affected boroughs, from my visits I have witnessed the social divide LTNs have caused and the local businesses that have lost a substantial amount of their daily trade. The council has proven their inability to listen or care about the residents and businesses, and are running a mafia style led leadership. I have heard from residents of threatening and bullying behaviour from council members and they need to be held accountable for ruining a thriving community.”

- Quote from Farah London for Stop Enfield LTNs


On March 29th 2021, the Bring London Back campaign took the time to meet with local residents in Bowes who had not been engaged in any two-way dialogue from our own local authority and political figures.

Videos from all discussions had with the local Bowes community who attended can be found here:

Andrew: https://twitter.com/MsFarah.../status/1376578994615750661...

Anna: https://twitter.com/msfarah.../status/1376601651029639172...



Kate: https://twitter.com/msfarah.../status/1376836890943442947...


Farah agreed (on the first visit to Enfield in March) that she would return again to visit the Fox Lane LTN and surrounding area. She held her word and again put the people of London before anything else, making sure that our 6 solid months (at that time) of enduring the detriment and distress of LTNs - can all be heard.

More photos of the discussions with local residents and businesses can be found here.

Farah London continues to fight for London and represent Londoner's interests, she has set up an administration office ‘Office of Farah London’, and is committed to deliver selected items from her manifesto for the benefit of - the people of London. She is supporting LTN groups across the different boroughs, assisting with legal cases and raising awareness of the negative impact LTNs are having. Please visit https://farahlondon.com/causes/ to learn more and how you can get involved.

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