• Stop Enfield LTNs

2 hours of Patrols - £1105 stopped from reaching Enfield Council

Today we were kindly (and surprisingly) welcomed with Tea outside a Local Resident's home at Meadway, who, despite supporting the scheme (in principle) does not agree with the ANPR cameras taking £65 a time from the local community.

Our first Patrol on Monday 5th July managed to divert £325 from the council (in just 1 hour) and safely kept in vehicle drivers OWN bank accounts!

"Being out and talking to residents and business owners was so positive for all of us to do today. Everyone who stopped to talk were incredibly friendly, including one cyclist who was supportive of our efforts as he too is forced to idle all around Southgate when needing to drive out of the area."

Today, Weds 7th July - we returned to Meadway and were able to stop 12 cars from proceeding through the planters - saving a total of £780 for the drivers who were just moments away from parting with their hard earned cash.

In just 2 hours committed to the patrols, we have now managed to save local residents within our community a grand total of £1105 - but our work here and across all ANPR locations inside the LTNs has only just begun.

A huge well done and special thanks to the entire PCN patrol volunteers across the LTNs.

If you’re considering joining the patrols, it truly is so rewarding to see the immediate difference you make to those in the community by helping them protect their money & by sharing all the information we have about these schemes.

It’s also a great chance to be talking to residents about their own experiences both inside and outside of the LTN and in doing so, only reinforced, without any doubt, that it is absolutely a wide majority of us who are against LTNs.

Please visit this link if you’d like to know more and dedicate just 1 hour aside to help - ultimately, to stop more ££ reaching Enfield Council from these unwanted, damaging schemes.


Join our FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stopenfieldltns

Sign the petition: Linktr.ee/stopenfieldltns

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