Please join us on Monday 30th August for the "STOP Enfield LTNs - Great Enfield Rat Run Race

NOTE: this is a loud, noisy march for dedicated STOP members and those who directly support our volunteers/campaign against the LTN (Local Traffic Nightmare) road closures!


All our supporters with mobility impairments will be invited to meet us at the destination (Civic Centre) 45-60 minutes after our departure from Palmers Green (TIME TBC).


Please book the time that works best for you and we will go ahead with the most booked option - do keep as much time free as possible on that date - more information and time will be confirmed over the next 2 weeks!


Remember that all our work is done by unpaid volunteers so to make this event possible, we rely hugely on kind donations which makes all of our activities possible. To donate to our STOP Enfield LTNs fundraiser please visit:

More information about the event can be found below, including the Important Notes & Disclaimer.


WHO ARE WE & what have we done for 10 months and why you should Book to join our Great Enfield Rat Run Race?

STOP was formed in October 2020 due to two separate local group campaigns for Fox Lane and Bowes LTNs, we knew a united campaign was needed to engage all aggrieved by either scheme, both schemes and even future schemes yet to be implemented.

Our work is all done by volunteers and we have so far:

•Challenged the council daily with hard evidence covering topics far more deep rooted than just the LTN schemes

•Tackled the myths, misinformation and unrelated/non-locally relevant information from radical groups who have imposed their own agenda upon us all

•Grown and supported a dedicated Anti LTN group from 0 to 2100+ in just over 8 months surpassing “Better Streets” in a very short time, proving we are not a minority any longer and our voices/concerns will not evaporate!

•Acquired the information needed to uphold the negligence, infringements of policies/ funding terms and the lawlessness of the schemes - Equality Act, Public Sector Equality Duty, Road Traffic Regulation Act etc – to name a few – which continues to be gathered all day, everyday

•3000+ signature ePetition

•Worked on and shared the information evidence we’ve acquired along with funding of £900 towards a legal letter from the Fox Lane campaign to Enfield Council

•Have multiple cases filed with various agencies, bodies and commissioners

•Set up the PCN patrols – in only just 5 hours with 4 volunteers, have already saved £2665

•Created the Get Involved page – helping all in the community to take action

•Launched the Community map where the council failed to transparently show the local response to the Fox Lane scheme and attempted to create the same for Bowes.

•Secured visits to the area from Shaun bailey (by request in April which resulted in a Bowes meeting) along with Farah London who visited us all twice at both LTN locations with strong interest into the detriments of the schemes

•Objection Surgeries – dedicating tie to assist those who wanted to formally object, but didn’t know how to, for an entire week in the lead up to the deadline in May 2021.

•Encourage mass completions of Let’s Talk surveys reaching more than the Council intended to reach (as there were no paid activities for them to do so) we spent on reaching the wider community – including and involving many more who were not even aware of the survey.

•And lots more still to come – but powder must be kept dry!

Join our 2100+ member group:
Take action and sign the petition:



Click (on desktop)/ Tap (on mobile) to spin the carousel & view all images

**PLEASE DO NOT USE THE ARTWORK IMAGES SHOWN ON THIS PAGE FOR YOUR ORDERS** Artwork is scaled down on here so will be blurry/pixelated if you do. Instead, simply send us an email for the artwork with the size you require and we will email the PDF file to you directly.

You do not have to purchase the pre-designed artwork for printing and can visit our nearest Hobby Craft which is in Chingford, just around the A406 for a few minutes.

The items we picked up in store were:

Paint Marker Pen @ £4.20

A2 size 5mm thick Foamboard @ £3.50

A1 size 5mm thick Foamboard (with adhesive on the back) @ £14.00

**No doubt they will sell out fast so please use the links and check stock before heading there!

They stock many signage boards, and the ones we listed above were obtained for our PCN Patrols along with markers.


You truly can be as creative as you wish, just please make sure that what you write is factual, expresses your experiences of LTNs/Enfield Council and does not cross the line in terms of offensive language/personal attacks on LBE Cllrs/Officers.

To order any of the official STOP Enfield LTNs artwork, please send us an email and we can provide you with the link along with a 15% discount code for you to order directly. If you need any help with the artwork dimensions or the artwork proofs before approving/proceeding to print - do let us know and we will help as best as we can.

Ideally you'll need "Correx" signage (but be cautious as these signs are quite see-through when light shines through from behind them) or Foam Boards to hold up with your hands. Sizes are listed below - remember though - BIGGER truly is BETTER!


10 months on since Fox Lane LTN ETO (7th Sept 2020), 12 months on since Bowes LTN ETO (31st July 2020) we now want to unite all across the community who are outraged at the LTN road closures imposed upon us.

We plan to have photos taken with our campaign banners for use across all online & offline channels. You are welcome to bring your own signage for various different shots (yet to be determined) but we do encourage you not to write anything that is personal about any member of LBE, nor any offensive personal communications (if in doubt about any banners/signs you are personally creating, please email us on the email below).

We have not yet decided on time, so please use the link above to book your preference and we will announce the most selected time in the next 2 weeks. 

Let’s take this opportunity to show to LBE, BSFE and all the PRO LTN supporters out there, of the kind, community loving people that we truly all are - but this time (as opposed to our peaceful gathering on Southgate Green 24th July) - with NOISE!!!


You are strongly advised to bring water and a snack with you but are reminded to please take any wrappers, bottles or other general waste to the nearest public litter bins. However if they are full, you must carry your waste home with you. Anyone caught littering or disposing of rubbish anywhere on the floor along with route, will be asked to leave or be reported.

Covid-19 is not over despite the lifting of lockdown. Please do respect the distancing and safety concerns of all in attendance. Where someone remains at a distant, do not enter their personal space, especially not within 1 metre of them.

Hand sanitizer is especially useful is passing items to other attendees. This should be used regularly throughout the event. Please do not "Hi Five" or spit as this will mitigate any spread of the virus should you be asymptomatic or be unaware you have Covid-19. If you are aware  we do kindly ask for you to please cancel your booking and to stay home - to recover fully.

If anyone behaves in a way that other attendees or our event coordinators have any cause for concern over, you may be asked to leave the gathering.

We also encourage everyone to help us manage the conduct of others and to inform the coordinators on the day who will make themselves known to you. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the event is a success and we rely on all who attend to uphold this requirement.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via

For more information about us and our campaign, please visit:

Coordinators and Patrollers are needed at all points along the route so if you can help at all, please do email us as soon as you can.


All attendees must have read the “Disclaimer” prior to the event. If for any reason you object to any or all of those terms, please promptly cancel your ticket by contacting us directly on


While all aligned with the stance against LTNs, none of the community campaigns groups are responsible for negative or harmful actions of any individuals who are not directly coordinating this event.

If any acts are taken that are unacceptable, the event hosts will take action to ensure any risks to the groups, attendees or the wider surrounding communities, whether physical, reputation related or materially harmful are mitigated and disassociated from us - by immediately reporting any such behaviours we are made aware of.

It is important that if you see anything suspicious or concerning, without any delay, you pass the concerns on to a coordinator or to someone else in attendance who can.

The MET police service for Enfield and Enfield council will be notified and permission requested for this March and we hope to be given their full approval in response to our requests, - allowing us to confirm that we have taken all precautionary measures to ensure a positive outcome without restrictions.